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Why Men Should Conquer The World First
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Why Men Should Conquer The World First

The life you want is out there some out in the world. But most men go about building their empire the wrong way by settling down and starting a family too early. The age old emergency protocol “Women and Children first” is used and their career goals are delayed or never fulfilled.  However, putting your career goals first can lead to a better life in the long run and still give you the opportunity to have a family later.   

Thinking career first is not saying stay clear of a relationship. This is saying don’t be afraid to put your career over your relationship. There is ‘fear” in this school of thought that she may leave you and this fear can lead to you settling for less in life.

Researchers from the University of Toronto concluded in the December edition of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology that “fear of being single is a meaningful predictor of settling for less in relationships.” 

Putting off the instant gratification of a relationship  for a greater purpose like a meaningful career is hard to digest.

Relationship specialist Dr. J.R. Bruns, M.D., co-author of The Tiger Woods Syndrome, a book about repairing relationships, explained in Psychology Today that men sometimes settle for women who do things like put them on “short leashes” because they are obsessed with not being alone and also because they just want to be in a sexual relationship.

Successful careers rarely happen by chance. A booming career is usually the result of a well executed strategy. Changing your focus from instant gratification and enjoying delayed gratification should be a pillar in your strategy.

Think about your life in the long run — think about the life you want to be living and not the life that you feel you need to live because of your current situation. Work your ass off now and reap the rewards sooner than others. Why not retire by 40? Who says that you have to work until 70? Chase after your dreams now so that you’re still young enough to enjoy the benefits once you’ve made

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