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Watch: Iggy Azalea “Kream” Featuring Tyga

Iggy Azalea’s new Survive the Summer EP heating up with her new single.

Iggyy debuted the singles “Kream” featuring Tyga and the video that doesn’t have shortage of money shots. Both of her assets and cash flying around.

“Ass/Cash, cash/Ass, bags/Bad/Kash rules everything around me,” Iggy raps over the Wu Tang Clan sample. The vignette mirrors the lyrics quite literally, as the rapper is seen twerking in front of an oven full of cash and a plastic bed filled with dollar bills.

Tyga enjoys the provocative show and later lays side-by-side with the Aussie MC as he drops his bars. “Ass rules everything around me/Deep in that pussy, ya I’m drowning/A shark in a water, how you found me?/Best get from ’round me (I’ma dog)/I go hunting like a bounty (woof),” he spits.


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Survive the Summer is now set to drop on Aug. 3. and will feature six tracks.

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