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Warriors And Kings Break Three Point Records

The Golden State Warriors and the Sacramento Kings scored for 123 points from the three-point line.

Both teams combined for 41 threes from beyond the arch. Steph Curry led the way with 10 three-pointers (on 20 attempts), while Sacramento’s Buddy Hield splashed eight of his own on 13 tries.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr spoke about the changing landscape of the NBA.

“It’s right there for you to see, right?” Kerr said of both teams’ offensive prowess. “Everybody’s shooting 3s. That was just an incredible offensive display by both teams. The problem for us tonight was the turnovers. Every time we turned the ball over, it was a 3 or dunk. That’s what kept them in the game. I thought offensively we got anything we wanted, we did a good job moving the ball. But they got 29 points off our turnovers, a lot of those were 3s.”

The Warriors went on to win the game 127-123.

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