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Jimmy Kimmel And Trevor Noah Question Gun Regulations In The Wake Of Vegas Shooting



The mass shooting in Las Vegas  is the deadliest shooting in American history. At least 59 people were killed and 527 others were injured in the shooting that started late Sunday night. There are barely any words this massive lost of life. As country we continue to not learn our lessons from these mass shootings. Anything outside of prayers, is treated a political agenda vs a human agenda.

Late Night Show host Jimmy Kimmel fought back tears speaking about the tragic event in his hometown. Kimmel was passionate about our lack of action on American Terrorism with auto and semi automatic weapons.

“When someone with a beard attacks us. We tap phones. We invoke travel bans. We build walls. We talk every possible precaution to make sure it never happens again” an emotional Kimmel said “But when an American buys a gun and kills another American, then there is nothing we can do about that.

Trevor Noah host of the Daily Show also echoed the same sentiment on gun regulation. “What’s been particularly heartbreaking, other than the lives lost, is how I feel like people are becoming more accustomed to this kind of news every single time. I almost know how it’s going to play out. We’re shocked, we’re sad, thoughts and prayers and then, almost on cue, people are going to come out saying, whatever you do, when speaking about the shooting, don’t talk about guns.”

“To the people of Las Vegas, I can you thoughts and prayers. I can only say that I’m sorry. I’m sorry that we live in a world where there are people will put a gun before your lives.

We should be doing more than sending prayers and donating to the victims. How many people have to die before we admit that there needs to be reform. Kimmel said it best “No American citizen needs an M-16 — or ten of them. And maybe that way we don’t do this again.”


Dubai Police Will Use Emergency Hoverbikes



Dubai Police already have a fleet of the of exotic vehicles. Lambo patrol cars, self-driving robots, android officers and now hoover bikes. That’s right hooverbikes. Dubai is continue their push to become the city of the future.

The vehicle, called the Scorpion and designed by Russian tech company Hoversurf, relies on four propellers to stay airborne, with the rider crouched precariously close to the exposed blades. Capable of 40 mph and a travel time of 25 minutes, the single-seat craft, which can carry 600 lbs, can also operate autonomously.
These specs sound more like a hobbyist vehicle than an emergency vehicle.
After appearing at tech shows earlier this year, Dubai Police has decided to add one to its list of cutting-edge gadgets, all part of the force’s “smart city” plans.


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Inequality Vs Paid Patriotism



The outrage over players standing and taking a knee continues to be a devise subject. Fans booing players, the President calling players SOBs , the Vice President staging a walk out during the game, and Jerry Jones latest hypocrisy are one side of it. For the players battling inequality, systemic injustice, and facing people who still refuse them basic rights.

In this country, we no longer force children to stand or recital the Pledge of Allegiance. High Schools barely play the anthem before games. AAU Basketball tournaments do not have anthems. The majority of Americans do not hear the anthem before starting their work day. We do not stand for any other form of entertainment. You don’t stand during the movies or before you watch Netflix. NFL owners and NBA commissioner want to force players to stand during the anthem.

“If there’s anything that is disrespectful to the flag, then we will not play,” Jones said. “You understand? If we are disrespecting the flag, then we won’t play. Period.”

Jerry Jones: Cowboys players who kneel during anthem won’t play

The very man that was kneeling with his team following President’s Trump comments. “I’m very supportive of the team, but under no circumstances, under no circumstances will the Dallas Cowboys, I don’t care what happens. Under no circumstances will we as an organization, or as coaches and players, not support and stand and recognize and honor the flag”

What did Jerry Jones say to players before 2009? The answer is nothing. NFL players used to be in the locker room during the anthem like they are in college football. What made the NFL and NBA change their policy? Money. They didn’t do it to honor our country, the veterans, or the rights of our citizens. They did it for money.

In 2009, the government paid professional sports teams for patriotism. The Senate oversight report by John McCain disclosed that more that 12 million dollars is annually spent on sports teams across all leagues.  John McCain and Jeff Flake examined 122 contracts between the Pentagon and various sports leagues, including $49,000 for the Wisconsin Army National Guard to sponsor performances of “God Bless America” at Milwaukee Brewers games; $20,000 for the New York Jets to honor one to two New Jersey Army National Guard soldiers as hometown heroes at each home game; and $1,500 to honor five Air Force officers at an LA Galaxy game.

Millions of dollars went to renting recruitment kiosks and staging patriotic and “heartwarming” tributes at games. Players were ushered out to show signs of unity and to reinforce the message. There were no death threats. No refunds for Direct TV or fans trying to boycott the NFL.

Now that players have decided to use their rights to protest they are villains in a upside down world. Players are expected to play, shut up, and put their mental health on the line. That is it nothing more and nothing less.

Aaron Rodgers posted the perfect picture to illustrate the hypocrisy. Aaron Rodgers posted the perfect response. “I can’t imagine what kind of social media attacks these cameramen must be enduring after taking a knee during the anthem and wearing a hat.”

Is Jerry Jones going to fire the camera crew? Will the Vice President walk out and in a rage. Before he post a ridiculous tweet on how it’s not too much to ask the camera men to stop filming and stand for the anthem?

The answer again is no. No matter how the players chose to speak out, kneeling, sitting, arm locks, or fist raised the fundamental issue is symbolism and exploitation over inequality and injustice.

The antagonist attack on players based on Patriotism is just false. I’m not advocating we go back to players staying in the locker room. I’m not advocating that players stop using their right to protest for others who don’t have voice. Every citizen has rights in country, no matter who their employers are. We should spend less time denouncing and demonizing players.


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Kobe Bryant Would Kneel For Anthem



Future Lakers HOF Kobe Bryant would protest and take a knee if he was still in the NBA. The 18x time All-Star was on the The Hollywood Reporter’s Awards Chatter podcast on Wednesday and said would kneel for the National Anthem if he was still in the league.

“Kneel,” Bryant said during a rapid-fire question-and-answer portion of the podcast.

Bryant was also asked  if he could speak directly to President Donald Trump right now.

“Focus on serving, not leading,” Bryant said.

Bryant will have his No. 8 and No. 24 jerseys retired at halftime of the Lakers game against the Golden State Warriors on Dec. 18.

Wonder if the Laker fans that purchased the 50,000 Kobe hats will set them on fire like some disillusion NFL fans are doing. Or asking for refunds for their season tickets.


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