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Tom Hardy’s Venom Inspired By Redman

Tom Hardy will be portraying both Eddie Brock and Venom in the upcoming Venom movie.

Hardy wanted to make the dual roles polar opposites of each other. When doing research for the role he was inspired Conor McGregor and Redman for the parasite.

In his interview with Esquire, Hardy explained his choices for the characters personalities.

“Woody Allen’s tortured neurosis and all the humor that can come from that,” he explains. “Conor McGregor—the überviolence but not all the talking. And Redman’—the rapper—‘out of control, living rent-free in his head.” Hardy admits that acknowledging their influences to craft his image of both Venom and Brock isn’t something he would tell the executives over at Sony that are backing the film. “You don’t say shit like that to the studio,” he said.

Venom Rueben Fleischer also had high praise for Ton Hardy bringing the anti-hero to life.

“Tom’s just so incredibly entertaining to watch. Duality is clearly something that fascinates him, so when you watch the way he’s acting opposite himself, it’s really impressive; just how he’s able to conjure an entirely separate version of himself as the symbiote. It’s a tour de force performance.”

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