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Thor: Ragnarok Director Will Not Direct Guardians Of The Galaxy 3

Taika Waititi will not be signing on to direct another Marvel Franchise. The Thor: Ragnarok director was on the short list to direct Guardians of The Galaxy 3 after James Gunn was fired by Disney.

During a recent interview with promoting his new FX adaption
What We Do in the Shadows, Waititi shot down the rumors.

“Nope. No, not doing that movie,” Waititi told reporters. “For me, that’s James’ film… Going into something like that, which has got his stamp all over it, would feel like going into someone’s house and going, ‘Hey, I’m your new dad…’ It feels kind of awkward.”

The director of Thor: Ragnarok confirmed he’s still “hanging out” with Marvel and “talking about new stuff, but I don’t know what that might be yet. But I want to do another movie with them.”

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