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Things Men Do In Bed That Every Woman Hates

Most men are overly confident when it comes to our bedroom prowess. You walk away feeling like King Kong, Thor, and Hercules don’t have shit on me mentality is often a huge turnoff.  The bedroom is the last place you want to have selective hearing and to be selfish. That’s right selfish. There are few common mistakes and pitfalls that most men make.

Before you lose out maybe you should read what women have to say about what they hate that men do in behind closed doors.

Undressing before you are sure where the evening is headed.

It is awkward if you are standing there half naked and she is wondering why.

Have bad hygiene!

It is a non-starter if you haven’t showered or shaved in days. Come on men, we like women to be clean and smell good, they would appreciate the same from us.

No foreplay.

Women like foreplay before getting to the endgame. Spend some time with it because unlike us, most women take more time to get ready. Beware, don’t finish before she is halfway there.

Ignoring everything except the big three.

Don’t just focus on between her legs, lips and her chest. Women do enjoy some exploration. Let you hands wander, and she may do the same to you.

Hair pulling or biting.

Don’t assume women want to have their hair yanked or their nipple bit. Just because you saw it in a porno movie does not make it true. You should talk to her about the level of roughness that is acceptable to her.

Surprising foreign objects.

Use your imagination and then don’t go there. Unless asked specifically, do not surprise her with a makeshift dildo. Or even the real thing.

Obnoxious music.

Techno beats or heavy metal is not the usual mood maker men think for women.

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