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T.I. Puts Himself On Tupac's Legendary Status
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T.I. Puts Himself On Tupac’s Legendary Status

T.I. crowned his self the King Of The South in the early stages of his career. Now after 10 albums, he wants to be compared to Tupac.

Tip posted the new revelation on IG, claiming the mantel of the late Pac.

“Any way you slice it… I’m the very best at what I do… impossible to duplicate,” he wrote. “When you get done buuuulshittin’… Riddle me this…. Who since 2Pac has maintained as much consistent diversity within music genres, businesses & other opportunities?” He continued. “I’ll wait…”

“I don’t wanna say that I had any more of a contribution than anyone else, just because we all—as storytellers—put our lives to music and offered it to the world. The more we offered, the more they wanted. I think that was just as true for me as it was for anyone else,” he said.

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