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Suicide Squad Reboot Will Focus On Deadshot

James Gunn is the man in charge of rebooting Warner Bros. Suicide Squad. Despite the original film bringing in over $750 million the studio decided to reset the franchise.

According to reports, Gunn’s version of the film will focus more on the origins of Deadshot. The film will be inspired by the 1980’s version of the character created by Jon Ostrander and Kim Yale.

A child of abusive parents, a young Floyd Lawton and his brother Edward were drawn into a plot to assassinate their father, George, by their mother who had been paralyzed at George’s hands. Floyd backs out at the last minute but accidentally fires a shot that kills his brother. It’s this act that awakens Floyd to the fact that he cares nothing about life, even when it concerns the people he cares about. Years later, Deadshot is contracted by his mother to finish off his father, when his therapist, Marnie Herrs, who he has developed romantic feelings for interferes, he paralyzes her, a decision that highlights his feelings for her but his ultimate inability to move past violence and develop a sense of empathy.

Idris Elba is Gunn’s top choice to replace Will Smith as Deadshot. The rest of the squad will be characters never scene on the big screen.

The Suicide Squad opens August 6, 2021.

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