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Star Wars Speeders Race Thru NY

Jesse Wellens and Casey Neistat are the kings of DIY. This year they treated New York City to custom ‘levitating’ Star Wars speeder bikes.  Obviously, they’re not really levitating, but they achieve the illusion by having mirrored fenders that cover the wheels to give it the levitating look.

“Every year, Jesse and I usually do a video where we ride around the city doing something a little bit crazy. One year it was Aladdin, Silver Surfer, one year we snowboarded around the city. And this year, Jesse had a different idea,” Neistat says in a behind-the-scenes video documenting their project.

The stunt was filmed over the course of two days in the city, as the YouTuber explains, using decked out Super 73 bikes — the same ones he used for a Burning Man video.

Checkout the making of video.

Now, who doesn’t want one of these?

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