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Why You Shouldn’t Look Her In The Eyes During A Fight



You want your girlfriend to stop being pissed at you? The easiest way is to listen. That easy to say and hard to do sometimes. The reason why is that we focus in on her body language. You read the frown, watch the arms fold, and you make a quick assessment of what can be coming without listening.

The next time you get in argument with her maybe you should not look at her directly according to a new study published in the journal American Psychologist.

In the study, researchers conducted five different experiments involving more than 1,800 people across the U.S. In the experiments, people were asked to interact with each other under a variety of circumstances: In some cases, they were only able to listen and not look; in others, they were able to look but not listen; and some participants were able to both look and listen.

The results? Those who listened without observing were most likely to correctly identify other people’s emotions.

“Many tests of emotional intelligence rely on accurate perceptions of faces,” says Michael Kraus, Ph.D., lead author on the study. “What we find here is that perhaps people are paying too much attention to the face—the voice might have much of the content necessary to perceive others’ internal states accurately.”

So if you want to reduce the amount of stress on both of you, try looking gazing away for a bit.


Shannon Sharpe Celebrates Meeting Nicole Murphy



Shannon Sharpe has owning sports talk with Skip Bayless on Undisputed, where the pair debate over the latest sports topics. When Sharpe is ready to celebrate a win over Skip pulls out a box of blackwoods.

Today Sharpe was smiling from ear to ear ready to celebrate. Skip thought Sharpe was ready to gloat about the Eagles demolishing Skip’s beloved Cowboys. “I wasn’t going even get on these woods this morning, cause it’s real early in the morning.” said the HOF Tight End.

Instead, Sharpe wanted a production assistant to show has a photo with Nicole Murphy.

The photo of Sharpe meeting Nichole at a spin class was on full display. Sharpe screams “That’s what I’m celebrating– get a ya boy Skip.”

Those that know won’t tell. Those that tell won’t know. 🤔

A post shared by Shannon Sharpe (@shannonsharpe84) on

Skip was not amused, but Joy Taylor laughed and said it was worth celebrating. The internet agrees.



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3 Ways To Win Over Your Girl’s Best Friends



So you’ve just started dating the woman of your dreams. She’s basically everything you’ve ever wanted—she might even be The One. But now it’s time for you to meet the real loves of her life: her best friends.

Don’t be intimidated. If you go into the situation with pre-existing assumptions about how the girls are going to treat you or how you’re going to feel about them, you probably won’t enjoy yourself. Nothing ruins a critical first impression quite like being flat-out miserable.

Before heading into the big meeting, check out these three tips to give yourself the best shot at winning the approval of your girl’s best friends.

Engage in the conversation

Don’t just tune out when the girls start to chat about a subject you don’t relate to. You may have zero interest in their skin routines or favorite shoe brands, but eventually the conversation will shift back to something more guy-friendly. Be prepared to engage at the drop of a hat. This way, you can try to find some common ground, like the new season of Stranger Things or just a funny story about your dog.

Show that you’re a listener. It will help gain the girls’ respect and you may actually enjoy learning more about them!

Respect, respect, respect

Be extra respectful toward your lady, be kind, and don’t insult her—even in jest. Her friends will pay very close attention to how you treat their girl, so definitely don’t give off the impression that you don’t care. A simple gesture, like paying for her meal (or, if you’re feeling especially generous, offering to buy a round of drinks) will go a long way in their eyes.

Don’t lay on the charm too thick

Some well-placed charm and charisma are great, but it is possible to be too charming. Excessive charm can be easily misconstrued as flirtation. In a woman’s eyes, an overly flirtatious man is an untrustworthy man. Be friendly and polite, but be careful of crossing the line.

Last, but not least, just be yourself! It may be ancient advice, but it’s true—more likely than not, being genuine is the best way to get people to like you. Ultimately, the girls just want to trust that you can, and will, take care of their best friend. Their assessment could influence her feelings and choices in the future, so their opinion is important. But at the end of the day, if you make your lady happy, that’s what matters the most.

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Does Smoking Weed Impact Your Sex Life



Beautiful girl smoking weed

Have you smoked weed today? Or are you blazing it with your homies as we speak? The chances are, you’ll end up having sex tonight. Or at least that’s what this new study has shown.

Peanut butter and jelly. Marijuana and sex. Certain things just seem to grind well together.

After exhausting decades of debates about the effects of weed on your sex drive, we finally may have an answer. People who torch up every day say they have more sex, according to a new study by Stanford University.

Doctors have been telling us this over and over again for decades now: smoking weed may kill your sex drive. But apparently they got it all wrong all along!

The Stanford researchers (and let’s hope they’re right this time) conducted a survey and analyzed data from over 50,000 people aged 25-45, and the conclusion was somewhat astonishing (but not to daily tokers, it wasn’t).

The study has found that frequent smoking of marijuana actually improves sex life. For men, daily potheads got laid an average of 6.9 times in four weeks, while those who didn’t fire it up had intercourse only 5.6 times.

For women, nonusers reported doing the deed an average of 6.7 times in four weeks, while ladies who smoke pot every day got between the sheets 7.3 times. That means people who smoke dope have 20% more sex than those who don’t.

However, don’t expect sex to just fall into your lap the second you put a joint in your mouth. And don’t expect a warning on your bong that says, “smoking weed may cause lots of sex” anytime soon either.

Here’s how the study can be interpreted: those who get blazed regularly are more likely to be more open to having sex and/or be in situations or environments that lead to sexual intercourse.

Meaning: most people smoke pot with their homies and gals. And since they are in the same room together, why not engage in other fun activities with these people?

But if you’re one of the “I’d rather just sit there and stare at the ceiling” type, then don’t expect marijuana to bring more sex into your life.

In fact, since weed is well-known for its relaxing and stress-mitigating properties, smoking dope may help you feel more confident and find those right words to slide into a girl’s DMs.

So yeah… you may want to get high on potenuse if you want to get frisky more frequently.

[Featured Image by daddyboskeazy/Flickr]

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