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Report: Youtube Buying Twitch For 1 Billion
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Report: Youtube Buying Twitch For 1 Billion

Reports are coming in that Youtube, the already massive video streaming service is currently in talks to buy Twitch for one billion dollars.

Variety reports that the deal has already been reached for the acquisition of the popular game streaming service. If this news turns out to be true, this will make Youtube the single largest streaming service in the world. It is already the most popular video service on the internet. With both Twitch and Youtube being the biggest in their respective fields, it is also being reported that Google’s lawyers(since Youtube is owned by Google) are preparing for a possible challenging of this deal by way of the Justice Department. The thinking is such a deal would make the already gargantuan service a monopoly and hurt healthy competition.

We will have more on this report as the information comes. For more on this story and others, stay tuned to Clutch.

Source: Variety

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