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Playboi Carter Convicted Of Trashing Tour Bus

Playboi Carti was accused of attacking his tour bus driver and trashing the bus at a Scottish motorway service station in February of 2018. According to the BBC, Carter was just found guilty of both assault and causing damage to the luxury coach bus on January 17. 

The Dumfries Justice of the Peace Court convicted Carti of the charges and slapped him with a nearly $1,000 fine: $570 for the alleged assault and about $350 for the bus 

The entire conflict started after the tour bus stopped working while Playboi and the rest of his 14-member entourage were traveling from Glasgow to London. The driver eventually had to stop the bus so he could get the heating to work and a replacement bus was later sent by.

Alistair MacLeish, one of the men who was in the replacement bus, told the court he had witnessed Carti assault the original driver.

“I saw things being thrown around the tour bus and then a man ran across and punched the driver on the face, cutting him and knocking his glasses off,” MacLeish said. “It was the accused Carter who had been standing with a group but as two guys tried to restrain him he wriggled past them ran across and punched the driver who stumbled back.”

Carti admitted to damaging the bus, but denied the assault.

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