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Paul George Outduels James Harden With 45 Point Comeback Win

Paul George went off for 45 points and 11 rebounds to rally the Oklahoma City Thunder to beat the Houston Rockets 117-112 on Saturday .

Reigning MVP James Harden scored 42 points and had an opportunity late to take the win, until George switched on defending Harden.

“I look forward to playing against the best, and I look forward to being guarded by the best,” George said. “I have fun with the game. That’s what the game is about.”

It was Harden scored over 30 or more points and . That did not discourage George who is also in the 2019 MVP race.

“Back in the day, that’s how they went at it,” George said. “That’s how I was taught the game — enjoy matchups, have fun with it.”

Even Houston Rocket’s coach Mike D’Antoni agreed that it was great matchup. “It was a pretty good matchup against Harden,” said D’Antoni. “It was pretty fun, until they beat us.”

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