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Papa John CEO Steps Down After Using The N-Word In Conference Call
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Papa John CEO Steps Down After Using The N-Word In Conference Call

The founder and former CEO of Papa John‘s left the company.

Hours after it was confirmed that he used a racial slur during a company conference call earlier in May. John Schnatter, who turned his pizza place into a national chain ubiquitous with Peyton Manning and the National Football League.

According to Forbes, which first wrote about the conference call, Schnatter compared himself to another restaurant founder and alleged that they were treated differently despite asserting that the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken had used racist language in the past.

It seems commenting on that incident is what got Schnatter into further trouble in a conference call a Forbes report described in detail. The call was reportedly arranged between Papa John’s executives and a marketing agency called Laundry Service and was designed to help the company prevent any further damage to its public image.

But though Schnatter he said he would “distance” himself from racists, according to Forbes he used the racial slur in an attempt to defend himself during the call.

This is just another questionable moment for Schanatter. In December after making critical public comments about athletes of color in the National Football League conducting nonviolent protests during the National Anthem. Schnatter had claimed kneeling athletes caused a dip in his pizza sales, which made the brand popular with neo-nazis and white supremacists.

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