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Box Office Roundup: Neighbors Not So Friendly To Spider-Man
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Box Office Roundup: Neighbors Not So Friendly To Spider-Man

This weekend saw your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man getting pushed to second place by the Neighbors. Pun intended. The Amazing Spider-man 2 the second in the Marc Webb directed franchise and now also the second Spider-man film to drop to 2nd place in its second week in theaters, even Spider-man 3 held first place for 2 weeks. This should come as somewhat of a shock to the industry but a myriad of factors make it all too plausible and thus dull the effect of the news. The film dropped almost 60 percent in its second week, earning only 37.2 million dollars, well below the 51 million earned by newcomer, ‘Neighbors’.


Neighbors is another in a string of R-rated comedies that have become rather popular in the past few years, ever since The Hangover broke sales records for films with an R-rating back in 2009. The film stars Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne and Zac Efron and had a production budget of only 18 million. Worlwide, the film’s gross currently sits at 85.4 million, that number is nothing to laugh at.

Also at the Box Office this week, The Other Woman dropped 1 spot to 3rd with 9.2 million, Heaven is for Real dropped 1 spot to 4th with 7 million and Captain America: The Winter Soldier dropped 1 spot to 5th, with 5.6 million being added to Marvel’s warchest.

It should be noted that even though Rio 2 appears to not be performing very well in the United States, with only 113.1 million since its release, the animated film has earned another 309.5 million internationally bringing its worldwide tally to 422.6 million, and all that on a budget of only 103 million.


See below for the top 10 earners this weekend:


Title (click to view)


Weekend Gross

Total Gross


Neighbors Uni.




The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Sony




The Other Woman (2014) Fox




Heaven is for Real TriS




Captain America: The Winter Soldier BV




Rio 2 Fox




Moms’ Night Out TriS




Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return CE




Divergent LG/S




Brick Mansions Rela.



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