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Is Marriage The Ultimate Relationship Goal
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Is Marriage The Ultimate Relationship Goal

If these aren’t relationship goals at their finest…

Some are even calling them a “happy ending to a hood fairytell.”

However you look at it, there’s definitely something about these ladies that are making these unexpected men pop the question and show the world that without a doubt their love is official, and more importantly, permanent.

Trap legend, Gucci Mane, and his long-lived partner Keyshia Ka’Oir, just recently tied the knot earlier this month. A handful of rumors have been surfacing of a possible engagement between YMCMB’s head honcho, Birdman, and the lovely, Toni Braxton. And just over the weekend, platinum recording artists – Migos – own, OffSet, has proposed to the Dominican princess, Cardi B.

Now why are these “relationship goals,” are you asking? It’s more about the transition we’ve seen from these men that’s giving us women some very vital hope.

Gucci mane and Birdman have both gotten their grills removed; both following with getting their face tattoos removed as well… though Birdman is still going through the process; and OffSet is showing off his lady everywhere and anywhere he can – whether it’s on one of his hits, during a show, or just across social media.

We all hear the statistics about, “that over half of U.S marriages end in divorce,” and that the generation of millennials today don’t have a good perception of many healthy, strong, long lasting relationships that they can look up to.

But fortunately, it looks like that poor perception may be slowly, but surely changing.

Now, the hip-hop culture has always had a strong influence on many generations of young adults, whether it was growing up in the 80’s, 90’s, or 2000’s.

We’ve either wanted to be apart of it ourselves, grew up in it, or found ourselves just wanting to know more – seeing rappers on TV, wondering how we could be like them when we grew up. Nevertheless, a lot of the cultures’ influences has rubbed off on us, one way or another.

Now marriage or serious relationships in general in the hip-hop culture have always seemed to be downplayed. We hear clear examples of this in the lyrics, see this in the music videos, and more than ever now see examples all over social media.

The hip-hop and rap scene has always made it cool and unfortunately acceptable for rappers to be a player; have a different girl in every city, or just flat out show more “love” to their groupies than they do their own woman.

That’s the perception of rappers we’ve grown used to – but now, we’re hoping (us women) that some of the hip-hop moguls today can continue to use their heavy influences to remind young men and women that marriage and relationships are not dead!

Beyoncé and Jay-Z did it years ago. Kim and Kanye are still going strong – and now we got a few more couples to join them, “Let’s Get Married,” wave.

Who do you think will be next!?

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