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Michael Jordan Is Donating $2 Million Dollars For Hurricane Florance Relief

Michael Jordan is donating to hurricane aid for his home state.

Jordan is contributing $1 million each to the American Red Cross and the Foundation For The Carolinas’ Hurricane Florence Response Fund. The American Red Cross is providing food and shelter to thousands of people who have been displaced by the hurricane, while the Foundation For The Carolinas’ Hurricane Florence Response Fund directs funds to nonprofits in North and South Carolina providing relief to victims of the storm.

Jordan also reportedly stressed the importance of the long-term recovery from the storm.

“People need to understand this will not be a week-long process. This is going to have a huge disruption on people’s lives – not for 10 days, but for years,” Jordan told the Charlotte Observer, adding that he hopes his donation will spur people to get involved.

Hurricane Florence made landfall over the weekend across the Eastern seaboard, leaving at least 33 people dead and causing flooding and widespread power outages in the areas hardest hit by the storm in Virginia and the Carolinas. More than 10,000 residents have reportedly been displaced amid the devastating aftermath


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