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Michael Bennett: Lynch Leaving Was The End For Seahawks

Once upon a time, the Seattle Seahawks were the most feared team in football. On both sides of the ball, Seattle would punish opponents with the Legion Of Boom on defense and Marshawn Lynch bullying defenders for extra yards. That all ended when the Seahawks traded Lynch to his hometown Raiders, according to former Seahawks player Michael Bennett.

Here’s what Bennett had to say on The Bill Simmons Podcast when asked if the Seahawks’ locker room took a hit when Lynch left…

Oh yeah, man. Marshawn’s personality is so big and he’s such a — he’s one of those dudes, he’s really like Nina Simone: He’s just misunderstood. People misunderstand him all the time. He’s such a great guy when it comes to doing community. He’s such a great teammate. He’s shows up to everybody’s thing. He plays hard. When he practices, he practices hard. So when he left, you could feel it. He was just that guy that had swag that made the Seahawks feel like a different type of team.

Bennett explained that a team, in any sport, needs a handful of players like Lynch in order to be good…

You don’t want a whole bunch of Russell Wilsons. You gotta have three or four Marshawn Lynches on your team. At any moment, you never know what they’re going to do. Whether they’re going to come to work or dropkick the coach. You know, Latrell Sprewell. You just never know. You can’t have a whole bunch of nice people on a sports team. You need one good guy that does everything right, you know, prays and does all the stuff then goes, “Yeah! Let’s go play!” Then you need some thugs. That’s just how it goes.

Bennett is not throwing shade at Wilson or his leadership. Every locker room is built differently.

But some things don’t look right, Jordan with Wizards, Emmitt with the Cardinals, Wade in Cleveland, or Lynch in Oakland.

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