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Mezuo Goes “Major League” After Netflix Debut
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Mezuo Goes “Major League” After Netflix Debut

You really have to keep your ears open in this era of music. Different flavors exist in all sorts of pockets. The endless scope of possibilities potentially gets passed on as a source of pleasure. Mezuo, the multi-hyphenate artist out of Houston, Texas is a prime example in this case. He dropped his debut EP “Major League” in September and it featured 5 records produced by Mezuo himself. He stated that “the production ranges from soulful blends on “Stunning, Gorgeous” and “Cover My Back” to more contemporary synth and bass heavy tracks like “Heights.”” This project comes after an effort in which Mezuo composed the original score for the feature film “Clash” on Netflix. Mezuo embraced the moment by saying that “it’s been a special year and to make my debut on Netflix the same year as my debut EP makes the whole journey worth it.”

The Composer role on a Netflix feature film was enough to talk about as we climb out of the hole created by one of the most devastating years in modern or general history. The pandemic plagued the global economy and hurt musicians by stripping their ability to tour and play live shows. That means a world of pain for their ability to be able to connect with fans and make an important stream of income in the process. Considering these circumstances, Mezuo weighed in on the dilemma by saying “It was definitely difficult trying to figure out how to move during the pandemic, both in my personal life and career. I was blessed to see developments that could shake things up from home.” The rising rapper and producer definitely has showcased his ability to get things popping from in-house and I’m excited about what the future holds for Mezuo after “Major League”.


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