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Meek Mill Now Has His Own Weekend In Philly
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Meek Mill Now Has His Own Weekend In Philly

Meek Mill weekend officially kicks off this week in Philadelphia.

The announcement was made on Thursday by City Council President Darrell L. Clarke. The Meek holiday weekend will officially be from Thursday to Friday. The city decided to honor the rapper for his contributions to music and art, as well as his philanthropic efforts to change the criminal justice system. 

The Philly native shared the news on his Instagram page, “Philly gave me a meek weekend!!!!! Thank you to my city” wrote Mill.

In his speech, Meek expressed his gratitude for the honor and explained why he is so passionate about his fight for reform.

“As you see, I got a 7-year-old son. My son is 7-years-old. He may make mistakes in life. I don’t want my son growing up in a world where if he decided to use marijuana one time, he could spend two or three years in a state penitentiary raised by people he don’t know,” Meek said.

Meek continued, “I don’t believe young kids where we come from, minorities like myself, should have a shot like that. I think we deserve better and I’m trying to fight for the young kids that I actually spent time and sat in prison with multiple times for not even committing crime. I want to thank the people here for the support because the support done mattered a lot. I’ve been in prison a few times for probation violation, but the one time that my city of Philadelphia showed me support was the one time I came out of prison, and I want to show the support back and do it for the people that actually stood up for me.”

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