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Lebron Thanks The City Of Cleveland

Lebron James has decided to leave the city of Cleveland for the second time. In 2010, Lebron James left for Miami and turned the NBA upside down. The heartbreak for the city was on full display with jerseys on fire and owner promising the Cavs would win a ring before James ever would.

On Sunday, Lebron decided to join the Los Angeles Lakers on a four-year deal. Leaving the city of Cleveland to rebuild once more.

This time around the tone is different. Maybe it’s because Lebron won brought the city of Cleveland their¬†first title in 53 years. Even the Cavs owner Dan Gilbert has a different tone and thanked James, instead of treating him like a traitor.

Even Lebron took a different approach after the Decision part 1 backfired with the media intensity. Lebron posted an IG story with a picture of the championship parade. The four-time NBA MVP thanked all of the fans for the past four seasons of his career.


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