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LeBron James Thinks Ben Simmons Can Be Better Than Him



LeBron James and Ben Simmons faced off in an extremely hyped up showdown on November 27th. James finished with 30 points, 14 rebounds, and six assists. Simmons finished with 10 points, eight rebounds, and two assists.

Simmons enjoyed the challenge of playing against James and said that he approached the challenge different than others.

“I wanted to guard him a little differently than how I’ve been watching other teams guard so far off him and let him get ahead of steam and go downhill,” said Simmons after the game. “I feel pretty good. It was a good challenge.”

While the Cavaliers finished the game on top, James saw something reminiscent of himself when he was a rookie back in 2003.

Simmons like James doesn’t have a reliable jump shot but he can drive the ball to the hole, pass better than some point guards and play the point guard position with a high capability.

If you can remember LeBron James famously played point guard his first season in the NBA. When his game developed he moved to the small forward position and has played there ever since.

While their games are similar LeBron thinks Ben Simmons can be even better than him. According to a Sports Illustrated article, James said:

“You have an opportunity to be better than me. But you can’t skip the steps. You have to do the work.”

It looks like he has remembered what James has told him. Simmons is in the running for the Rookie of the Year award and was awarded the Kia NBA Eastern Conference Rookie of the Month for the month of November.

Also Simmons leads all rookies in points, rebounds, assists, and steals per game.

In my eyes, it looks like Simmons is the clear winner right now for the Rookie of the Year award and he can become the next LeBron James. The way he can fill up the stat sheet and dominate the game by not only scoring is the key component to the latter statement.

As for the Rookie of the Year award, some would think that Donovan Mitchell should win the award but if you think of the overall game in and game out impact Simmons has led his team to more success.

Ben Simmons with a jump shot is going to be scary and with how he is impacting the game already LeBron James just may see a better version of himself.


Lebron James Drops 46 Points In Must Win Game 6



Lebron James simply wasn’t ready to home.  Facing elimination, James poured on 46 points to force Game 7.

The Cavs won on Friday night, 109-99 despite losing Kevin Love to head injury. James was determined not to let the series end.

James was close to a triple-double but had to settle for a double-double.  James ended the night with 46 points in 46 minutes. He also added 11 rebs and 9 assist.

“Greatness,” Cavs coach Tyronn Lue said. “Championship pedigree. Giving it his all. We needed that, especially when Kevin went down. We had to play `Bron as many minutes as he had to. He delivered. He was up for the challenge. He carried us home as usual.”

“It’s a Game 7,” James said. “It’s something that you wish you had when you’re done playing, but more than that, it’s just basketball for me. I know what I’m capable of doing, and I’m going to trust everything I put into it.”

Boston stayed in the game thanks to Terry Rozier’s 28 points and Jaylen Brown adding 27 points.

Boston guard Marcus Smart gave his thoughts on Game 7.

“It’s not going to be pretty,” Celtics guard Marcus Smart said. “We’ve got to come out ready to get our nose bloody and our mouth bloody. We’ve got to come out ready to fight. You’ve got to find a way, whatever it takes.”

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Jayson Tatum Leads Celtics To Game 5 Blow Out



The Cleveland Cavaliers are now facing elimination after losing to Celtics, 96-83. Boston came stong from the game gate, with rookie Jason Tatum leading the way.

“I just enjoy playing in the big moments, in the big games,” Tatum said. “I think that’s when I have the most fun, when things are on the line. A lot of guys stepped up tonight. I can’t say it enough: We’re one win away from going to the [NBA] Finals, especially after everything we’ve been through.”

Tatum scored a team high 24 points and made history in the process. The 20-year-old moved into 4th place with the most points in the points in the postseason for a rookie.


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Jalen Rose Walks Off Set Over Jordan Vs Lebron



The debate over Jordan versus Lebron will be one talked about forever. No matter where you go. For some, there is no debate, Jordan all day. For others, Lebron hands down.

Jay Williams joined Get Up! to make the point that in 1 on 1, he would give Lebron the advantage.

“You cannot tell me in a one-on-one game that LeBron James wouldn’t dominate Mike. In a one-on-one game, LeBron James, 6-9, 260 pounds — if the game was to seven, I think LeBron would win 7-3. You can talk about his mentality, but we’re not talking about five-on-five basketball, J-Rose. We’re not talking about the passive LeBron, making the right play … LeBron James is 6-9, 260, he moves like a guard! He moves like a guard. He defends like a guard.”

Jalen responded with the classic Jordan comeback.

“Michael Jordan was all-defensive first team nine times. LeBron James was five times. Michael Jordan led the league in scoring ten times. Ten! LeBron James led the league in scoring once. I’m talking about a guy whose been the best offensive player AND the best defensive player.”

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