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Lebron James Supports The Changes To The ASG

Lebron James will be one of the captains for one of the teams with the new NBA All-Star format. James received the most player votes and the players votes of any player in the last seven years. In 2017 James received 1,893,751 fan votes/198 player votes.

He recently committed on how he feels about the changes to the team selection.

“I don’t see it as a bad idea. We had to do something. The All-Star Game has been pretty bad the last couple years just from a competition standpoint. Trying to switch it up. Just like how the dunk contest was at one point it was great, then it wasn’t so well, so they had to kind of switch it up. Then it got good, then it got bad and you switch it up again. You see what happens. It’s hard to say if it’s good or bad yet. We haven’t done it yet. February isn’t here yet so no one knows how good or how bad it’s going to be. But I like the change. Why not?”

James will be joined by either Steph Curry or Kevin Durant as a captain. After that it will interesting to see how the captains field their teams.

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