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Lebron James Producing ‘Friday The 13th’ Reboot

Lebron James is rebooting another cult classic.

James SpringHill Entertainment company and Vertigo Entertainment, the latter of which produced It, are producing a remake of Friday The 13th.

The success of the Halloween and It are key factors to trying to reboot the horror franchise featuring Jason. The franchise also has been on hold due to lawsuits from the original screenwriter Victor Miller. Miller won his case in court retaining the rights to his screenplay.

The plaintiffs, which include producer and director Sean Cunningham, could still appeal, and one item not on the table at the trial was who controls the rights to the character of Jason Vorhees, who dies as a young boy in the first movie but becomes the unstoppable hockey mask-wearing killer the franchise would become known for.

Settlements or future legal battles could still occur. Another foil is that the legal decision seems to indicate that Miller will control the rights in the U.S. The producers and Warner Bros., which last made a movie through New Line, control certain international territories.

According to THR, no writers have been signed on yet.

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