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Lebron James Nails Game Winning Buzzer Beater

Lebron James finished the night with the 38 points to take 3-0 series lead against the Toronto Raptors.

His last two points will be the only anyone remembers from that game. With less than 5 seconds left in tied game, James stepped back on the left wing and ended the game with a floater.

Tie game, down one,” James said. “I live for those moments.”

“I’ve been doing that since I was like six, seven, eight years old,” James said. “Maybe even before that. There’s a picture floating around of me beside a Little Tikes hoop with a saggy Pamper on and I was doing it back then and all the way up until now, at 33.

“Things that you dream about, that you get those opportunities and I’ve been fortunate enough to get a handful of those in some of the biggest moments in my career.”

The Raptors twitter account was not in the mood for celebrations after the shot.

“I ran out of words a while ago,” said Kyle Korver, trying to describe the shot.  “I’ve seen him shoot that shot, that game-winner, countless times when he’s messing around in shootaround and practice. It’s always like, why would he shoot a shot like that — to win a playoff game?

“Unbelievable play. He did it again. He’s been so huge in those moments for us all year.”

James had a message to his fans at home watching and thinking about attempting the shot.

“It is very difficult,” James said, smiling. “Don’t try it at home.”

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