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Last Chance U Finds A New College For The Third Season

Netflix released the trailer for the upcoming third season of the hit series Last Chance U on Tuesday.

As seen in the following video, Last Chance U will focus on players at Independence Community College in Independence, Kansas.

Last Chance U director Greg Whiteley told SB Nation’s Morgan Moriarty the following about the decision to switch schools: “All of us had felt that we had kind of told the story that we wanted to tell in Scooba. And we were ready to go to another school and see what stories that they had. We were convinced that there would be stories to tell, and we were convinced that they would be good.”

Among them are former Florida State quarterback Malik Henry, former Texas Tech wide receiver Carlos Thompson and former Michigan running back Kingston Davis.

The series’ first two seasons were set at East Mississippi Community College in Scooba, Mississippi. The third season of Last Chance U will debut July 20 on Netflix.

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