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Lane Kiffin Knew Alabama Was In Trouble After The Failed Fake Field Goal

Clemson dominated Alabama on Monday night, 44-16 in the National Championship game.

Saban’s former offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin, broke down the Championship on The Dan Patrick Show. Patrick asked Kiffin when did he know when Bama was in trouble.

“At the end of the first half, when they sat on the ball there. And it was an aggressive gameplan by coach Saban. He went for it in his own territory, which is unusual for him” Kiffin said. “And then when that sat on the ball with whatever it was, 30 seconds left and all their timeouts, I was kind of a little worried it was going the other way.”

Clemson scored 17 points on its final three possessions of the first half, including a 36-yard field goal with 45 seconds remaining. Clemson would go on to shut out Alabama in the second half.

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