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Lance Stephenson Thinks Its Funny That He’s On The Same Team With Lebron

Magic Johnson and the Lakers made headlines signing Lebron James.

What was Johnson’s next move? Signing Lance Stephenson to a one-year deal. The pick up had NBA fans scratching their heads at the pair after the epic Lebron and Lance matchups.

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In a conference call with reporters on Tuesday, Stephenson admitted it is funny how this all happened, but he’s excited. He also noted that he appreciated the fact that James reached out to him to compliment his game.

Stephenson said, per ESPN:

“Uh, it was actually funny that I am actually on the same team. I am very excited to see what that brings and just playing with him, one of the best players to play the game is going to be amazing. I can’t wait to get on board.”

“I was actually surprised he made the move to L.A. I guess he needed a new look. I feel like just him reaching out and showing that he liked what I bring to the game is amazing. I just can’t wait to be on the floor with him, actually get on the court with him.”

Lance famously got under James skin blowing in his ear and attempting to pull down his shorts. Let’s see if this will be better now that they are on the same team.

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