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Kendrick Lamar: Mac Miller Always Had A Smile On His Face

On Wednesday, Complex‘s Open Late With Peter Rosenberg paid tribute to the late Mac Miller. In a clip from the program. Kendrick Lamar spoke about his bond with Miller and what made him special.

“[He was a] great musician, great writer,” Lamar says in the clip. “Just always had a smile on his face and that’s something that I commend. No matter what he was going through, he didn’t make you feel sorry for him. He was strong about it. Always kept a smile on his face because he wanted you to smile too. And that’s just something I always loved.”

He continues, “No matter whatever personal issues, he gave you that energy. It wasn’t no misery loves company with him. He showed a smile, and you gave that smile right back. It made you feel good. So forever we gon’ remember the life, we gon’ remember that smile. Celebrate Mac Miller. Love.”

Kendrick Lamar, collaborated with Miller on tracks such as “God Is Fair, Sexy Nasty” and “Fight The Feeling.”

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