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Joyner Lucas Opens Up On Going Independent

Joyner Lucas walked away from Atlantic Records in December. Lucas announced to fans via social media that he was a free agent.

In a interview with Billboard, Lucas discussed why he choose to go indie.

I’m an independent artist now. No label deal. No publishing deal. Going through life as a signed artist, I started realizing a lot of these things I could be doing on my own. That’s no disrespect to the label. It just means so much more to not have anything else tied to your art besides you, for you to own 100 percent of everything that you do and not have someone else’s entity, label or name tied to it.

Lucas is also looking forward to winning his first Grammy. Lucas is nominated with Eminem for “Lucky You”.

“It’s like winning a degree. I look at it like you go to school, become a doctor, get a Ph.D. — you work for that. That’s an actual degree you can feel, touch, put on your wall. You show people, “This is what I’ve earned.” A Grammy is a symbol of what would be a musical degree. That’s something that no one could ever take away from me. That just puts you in [another] conversation. It gives you a whole new level of respect. ” said Lucas.

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