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Jalen Rose: This Anthony Davis Last Year With The Pelicans

The Anthony Davis leaving New Orleans speculation is already in full swing.

Jalen Rose believes that 2018 will be Davis last season with the Pelicans after Davis signed with Klutch Sports.

“I am predicting that Anthony Davis ends up in Los Angeles with LeBron James (next season) and they will be another dynamic duo trying to put together a squad to take down, potentially, the Golden State Warriors,” said Jalen Rose.

Davis still has two years left on his contract. The Lakers would need to give up the house to make this deal happen.

On media day, Davis made it clear his focus is on the team is on right now.

“I’m here,” said the 25-year-old NBA All-Star. “I want to focus on winning this year with the squad that we have. We have a good squad.”

As for the changing his agent and signing with Klutch Sports. “It was just for where I am right now in my career — what I’m trying to do — I thought the change was necessary,” Davis said. “That’s all it was.”

Pelicans fans might be nervous cause this was a similar move that Chris Paul made before requesting a trade.

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