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Is it Time for the NCAA Pay Their Players ?

The NCAA brings in over a billion dollars in revenue, some of the coaches get paid over  million dollars, and the better the sports program the better the ticket sales . The athletes are given a great education, but do they deserve a little bit more? Is it time to start paying college athletes ?

According to the NCAA website, there are 22 sports at the collegiate level that is Men’s and Women’s sports combined. Now, not all of these sports bring in a strong revenue to the school. The sport that brings in the most revenue for the NCAA and the schools is football.  The better the program,  the more national exposure on Saturday nights. Sponsorships from television ads played during the game, and during bowl game season the better the bowl game equals more money brought into the school.

Now many things bring in money for the school and the NCAA like ticket sales, profit of merchandise and big-time partnerships like Nike and Adidas.  There are schools that have coaches that make over 10 million per year, which is much more than an NBA coach’s salary.

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Some of these players are looked at as rock stars, especially when it comes to football and basketball. Yet they can not make a profit off their own name. Explains the reason why most college basketball players, take advantage of the one and done rule. Most call it crazy to miss out on free education and risk not having another option to fall back on. Not to burst anyone’s dream of playing in the pros, but according to the NCAA, only 1.5 percent of student-athletes are drafted to the NFL, 1 percent in the NBA, and .9 percent for the WNBA. So would paying the players make a difference ?

They can’t pay every single sport, but football and basketball should at least get some type of payout if the NCAA and their schools can make millions off of them?

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