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The Ideal Role Model: Short Bio of NFL Player Dewey McDonald

Who would you consider as an ideal role model in your life?  I have someone in mind that I couldn’t help but not brag about; his name is Dewey McDonald.  I’ve seen many people who have abused their privilege as a professional athlete after reaching the big platform. Fortunately, Dewey understands how special it is to make it to this level.  In this article I will give you a brief analysis on his life as well as the impact that he’s making not only on the field but in his community as well.

Dewey was born on June 10, 1990 and grew up in Ranson West Virginia.  At 6-foot tall and weighing in at approximately 229 pounds, it’s safe to say he has the body of a genuine athlete.  McDonald attended Jefferson (WV) High School from 2005-2009.  While playing for the Cougars, he became a three-time all-conference player, three-time all-area, and two-time team MVP.  To make things secure in him and his family’s life, Dewey McDonald wanted to make sure that even if he made it to the NFL he still would have a college education to fall back on.

Fairmont State University and California University of Pennsylvania is where Dewey’s talent was most revealed on and off the field.  While playing football, he was able to impressively earn degrees in Business Management, Sport Management, Marketing, and a Masters in Business Administration.  After playing for the Fairmont State Falcons for three seasons, he then transferred to California University.  He would then record 89 tackles and manage to also return all three of his interceptions for touchdowns.  Those three plays earned him the first Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference player to do this in over 10 years.  He also won other numerous honorable awards for his efforts in college football that are too long to mention.

In 2014, he would then be picked up by the Colts of Indianapolis.  After leaving the Colts, McDonald would go to the New England Patriots  and then the Oakland Raiders in the 2015 season.  When the 2016 season rolled around, Dewey made his way to the Seattle Seahawks.  Seattle has been his NFL home since, transforming him from the safety to the linebacker position.  So far in his career, he has played in 32 regular-season games and 5 post-season games.  I asked Dewey what his most memorable moment has been so far in his NFL career.  He said, “Looking up into the stands and seeing my son.”

His parents are Stevie Craig and Debra McDonald, both whom have made an impact in Dewey’s life.  His mother has always been there to keep everything in line and support Dewey no matter what she had to sacrifice.  His father showed him what it’s like being a man who has good principles.  He also stated that his brother Jermar and his grandparents have made a major impact in his life as well.  His #1 role model has been his midget league basketball coach Boone Doleman, who instilled that elite pedigree of hard work, respect, and winning mentality that carried over to every aspect in Dewey’s life.

Dewey started the Dewey McDonald Foundation in 2015 to help aid youth in his native Jefferson County community.  This foundation has produced a flag football league, charity softball tournament, and multi-sports camp.  The foundation has also funded scholarships for both Washington and Jefferson high schools.  This man won’t only have earned respect from people for making it to the top of his sports career, but also in life.  If you ever have an opportunity to put your child in one of his youth leagues, I’d suggest you do.









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