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HBO Releases First Fahrenheit 451 Trailer

HBO has released the first trailer for its upcoming adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s classic dystopian novel Fahrenheit 451, revealing that the film will air sometime this spring.

The teaser highlights the most vivid part of the novel, showing a burning copy of Crime and Punishment that’s dropped onto a pile of other controversial books, which is set on fire by a firefighter yielding a flamethrower.

Bradbury’s novel is a classic work of science fiction. He originally wrote a series of shorter stories dealing with censorship and repressive governments in the 1950s, and later brought them into the novel in 1953. The story is set in a dystopian world where books are outlawed. It follows Guy Montag, a firefighter whose job is to burn those contraband books. He has a crisis of faith, and ends up on the run.

HBO began developing the project last year, with Creed star Michael B. Jordan and Man of Steel star Michael Shannon set to star as Montag and his superior Captain Beatty, respectively.

Director Ramin Bahrani spoke withHollywood Reporter about his adpation of the novel.

“It was daunting to take on Bradbury because he’s such a genius and a legend,” said Bahrani. “Me and so many people love his work. When you do an adaptation, you’re going to change things. I knew I would upset somebody. I tried to stay true to the themes, even if I changed certain characters and plot lines. To take them and modernize them. It wasn’t easy.”

Bahrani also talked abotu the building the future for the world without adding too much.

“Bradbury’s novel was set in the future where he was predicting having screens on the wall that you could interact with,” Bahrani told the Reporter. “Social media and supercomputers like my phone are real now… There was no reason to put it in the future; it’s just [set in] a strange tomorrow.”

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