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Eminem Is On The Run From Demons In “Fall” Video

Eminem is out running internet trolls and leaving other artists in his wake with “Fall”, one of the most controversial tracks from Kamikaze.

“Fall” is a relentless diss track that finds Eminem taking aim at a host of perceived foes. The video opens with the rapper scrolling through his phone, reading negative critiques of his 2017 album, Revival, and one of its singles, “Walk on Water.”

Shady set the bar high on the opening the verse. “These rappers are like Hunger Games/One minute, they’re mockin’ Jay
Next minute, they get their style from Migos or they copy Drake/Maybe I just don’t know when to turn around and walk away/But all the hate, I call it “Walk on Water” gate/I’ve had as much as I can tolerate/I’m sick and tired of waitin’, I done lost my patience” raps Em.

After that he goes after Joe Budden, Tyler the Creator just to name a few.

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