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Deadpool 2 Is Getting An Extended Cut

Deadpool 2 is right around the corner for home release.

The new version is titled Deadpool 2: The Super Duper Cut, and American fans will be able to get a hold of it digitally from 7 August, and on Blu-ray from 21 August. Star Ryan Reynolds used Instagram to announce that a better version will be available in August.  Saying on Instagram, ‘longer, actionier, and spandexier’.

It also seems like the new cut will be screened at the San Diego Comic-Con later this month.

During a new interview for the sequel, director David Leitch also confirmed there will be about 20 minutes of deleted scenes for fans to pore over when this superhero sequel debuts on Blu-ray, DVD and digital formats.

“This is just ballpark, but I’d say there’s an additional 20 minutes of stuff. I am actually putting it together now. We’re taking sort of it slow. There’s a lot of alts we want to play with. I want to get Ryan in there so we’re making sure we’re all on the same page of like the comedy we want to do and the narrative. There are some great scenes in there that have been just lifted and it would be fun to be back in.”

The director also clarified that his first cut for the studio, his director’s cut, was between two hours and 12 minutes and two hours and 15 minutes

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