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Damian Lillard Ended The Series With The Greatest Buzzer Beater In History

Damian Lillard put on an all-time great playoff performance against the Oklahoma City. Lillard closed out the series on 40 foot three pointer.

“It was a great feeling when it left my hands,” Lillard said. “It felt good.”

“I didn’t want to put it into the referee hands,” Lillard said. “Where if there was contact or maybe they get away with contact or I end up having to take a tougher shot because there was contact and they don’t want to decide the game. So I was standing there looking at the rim and I was like this is a comfortable range.”

Paul George was not impressed by the shot after being eliminated from the playoffs.

“That’s a bad, bad shot,” George said. “I don’t care what anybody says. That’s a bad shot. But hey, he made it. That story won’t be told that it was a bad shot. We live with that.”

After the shot, Dame waved good-bye to the Thunder bench.

“I was just waving goodbye to them. I think after Game 3, Dennis Schroder was out there pointing to his wrist, they was out there doing all these celebrations and doing all these stuff. We kept our composure and after one win that’s what they decided to do. And we was just like, ‘OK, what we want to do is win four games.’ And then when we win those four games there’s not going to be nothing to talk about. So that’s what that was.”

“There’s been a lot of back and forth, a lot of talk and all this stuff, and that was the last word. That was having the last word.”

Lillard ended the night 50 points and is now an instant meme with his post shot look.

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