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Chance The Rapper and Eminem Roll Out New Songs on Saturday Night Live



chance the rapper and eminem team up for saturday night live

Chance The Rapper and Eminem teamed up on Saturday to shine bright like diamonds on the Saturday Night Live stage.

Spoiler alert: the biggest shock of the episode was that we finally got to see Chance The Rapper without a hat (yes, he can breathe without a hat and he wasn’t even hiding anything abnormal beneath it).

And even though Chance and Eminem didn’t perform in a duet (hip hop fans expected to see at least one collaborative jam between the two on SNL), Chance and Em treated fans to solo performances and collaborations with other artists.

Chance The Rapper returned to the SNL stage for a third time, but this time it was to flex his hosting muscles. And Chance passed the SNL-hosting test with flying colors, as the rapper had the audience on the edge of their seats with his top-notch jokes and acting.

In the position of the captain of the SNL ship, Chance pulled no punches when addressing the controversies surrounding U.S. President Donald Trump. The rapper teamed up with cast members Chris Redd and Kenan Thompson to perform Come Back, Barack, a musical plea to the 44th President of the United States Barack Obama.

As impeachment calls grow louder in America, the SNL audience seemed to love the 90s R&B-inspired jam. The lyrics read, “Come back, Barack / We need you oh so bad / 2020 is looking sad / Like really sad, like super sad, like what-the-hell-we-gonna-do sad.”

Even though Chance The Rapper is a rapper (duh, his name says it all), Chancelor Johnathan Bennett (his real name) sure knows how to deliver a family-friendly Thanksgiving tune.

Hoping to make his Thanksgiving song a new jingle – similar to what Mariah Carey’s All I Need For Christmas is You is for the holiday season – Chance made a $1 million pledge to the Chicago Public Schools… only to say that he doesn’t have that kind of money yet.

Note: Chance the Rapper’s net worth as of May 2017 was estimated $9 million.

After several hilarious SNL sketches, Eminem was next on rotation to roll out his performance of the newly-released Walk on Water.

While viewers didn’t get to see Beyoncé perform their hit song released earlier this month, Eminem treated fans to a solo performance of the song in addition to renditions of his older hits Stan and Love The Way You Lie.

Eminem didn’t bring Rihanna, who famously sung Love The Way You Lie, to perform the 2010 hit. Instead, the rapper invited Skylar Grey, who originally wrote and performed the song before Rih Rih.

Even without Beyoncé and Rihanna, having Eminem as a musical guest on Saturday Night Live was enough to give us goosebumps and have us all fired up for his upcoming new album RƎVIVAL.


New Venom Trailer Actually Shows Off Venom



Sony has released the official Venom trailer and this one actually has Venom. The first teaser trailer was Tom Hardy the movie, which had some fans upset the studio would even release a trailer without Venom.

Most people still have a sour taste in their mouth from the Sam Rami version of one of Marvel’s best anti-heroes. The trailer shows gives fans an updated origin for the character.  But more so promises to deliver a Venom worth watching.


Ruben Fleischer’s film will pull from one of the 90’s story arcs that featured Venom facing off against mercenaries. The Lethal Protector story had Eddie Brock leaving New York for San Francisco. Fans of the 90’s might have fond memories of the 1993 mini-series Venom: Lethal Protector. It was set sometime after Carnage debuted in Amazing Spider-Man, where the villain was turned into an anti-hero. Venom soon made peace with the wallcrawler and moved to San Francisco, where he became the “lethal protector” of the city.

Venom producer Matthew Tolmach spoke about his excitement of having Tom Hardy play the role of Eddie Brook.

“You know, Tom… it’s like a masterclass watching him act every day and he’s such a risk taker and he loved this character. From the day that we first met with him, my partner Avi Arad and I… we found someone who just believed in this character entirely and yet every day pushes it to a place that us mere mortals would never expect it to go.”

Venom starring Tom Hardy comes to theaters October 5th, 2018.

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The Rockets Scored 50 Points In Third Quarter



The Houston Rockets took a game 4 win against the Timberwolves after the team exploded for 50 points in the third quarter.

Houston stars James Harden and Chris Paul combined for 37 points in the quarter.

Harden had 22 points on 7-of-10 shooting in the quarter. That set a franchise record for points in a quarter, breaking Hakeem Olajuwon’s mark of 18 set against the Utah Jazz on May 5, 1995.

“We just got hot,” said Paul, who had 15 points on 4-of-6 shooting in the third quarter and 25 points on 9-of-17 shooting in the game. “Guys started making shots. We talked going into the game about being aggressive, and I think we all just tried to do that.”

For Chris Paul, it was more about the Rockets defense not their offense.

“Obviously everybody will look at the 50 points that we scored in the quarter, but it was our defense,” Paul said. “We finally started getting them to take tough shots, we were getting rebounds and we’re tough in transition. You’ve got James coming downhill, myself and the way we’ve got the court spaced with shooters is big. That really turned it up for us.”

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Nova Could Be Making His Way To The MCU



Marvel’s Phase 4 is on a lot of fans minds. The MCU is expanding but Marvel is keeping their plans locked up.  Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige sat down with this weekend and revealed that Nova maybe one of new heroes fans will get to see on the big screen.

“Nova is—if we have a big board with a bunch of characters that have more immediate potential, Nova is on that board,” he said. “Because of the connection to the Guardians universe, because there are more than one examples to pull from in the comics that are interesting. And you’re absolutely right, he was in the earliest drafts of the [Guardians of the Galaxy].”

Feige didn’t get specific about the timetable of a Nova appearance and admitted that they’re having difficulty choosing which of the many characters to highlight next. “We’re figuring those things out,” he explained. “It is a very unique embarrassment of riches right now because there are so many of the characters that audiences are clamoring to see more. The question is how do we show them all?”

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