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Cadillac Muzik Dedicates New EP to Their Pioneer Uncle
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Cadillac Muzik Dedicates New EP to Their Pioneer Uncle

San Antonio Texas band Cadillac Muzik dedicates their latest project to their late great legendary eastside uncle Charles “Black Beamus” Williams. 

“This project was created in the Psychedelic Soulful Funky spirit of our uncle. We named it O.G. Style to express our form of originality and authenticity.  Where we come from, the term OG wasn’t just given to anyone. You had to have earned & obtained an extreme amount of wisdom & knowledge during your course of life. An OG in our eyes was someone who was incredibly exceptional, authentic, & old-school. Uncle Charles was the pure epitome of the term OG. He lives through us.”

-CaddyMack Moses

Black Beamus moved to San Antonio from Lubbock and was widely respected all throughout the Denver Heights neighborhood.  This was solely because of his style, charisma, and unique way of doing things.  He was considered a bona fide hood-genius and a jack of many trades.  He was a Vietnam war veteran, ex-pimp, shadetree mechanic, inventor, and a fashion designer and stylist.  He created so many styles and ideas that only his neighborhood respected him for, because back in that time many blacks from the south were robbed of their ideas. This was due to a lack of economical power & business in our urban areas. In some cases wealthier blacks would even still concepts from their own people for personal financial gain. He got the name “Black Beamus” because he had very silky dark skin that would beam whenever he walked into a room. It was also his pimp name back in the 60s and 70s. He was of pure African-Native descent.

Uncle Charles changed his life to do good things and give back to his community going into the 90s.  He became a staple and pioneer on the eastside streets of San Antonio. He was known for taking scrap-junk and turning it into pieces of art that would then increase in value.  He would make his own clothes, styles, & even dress in his own form of fashion. He owned over 50 cars that he would work on until they were in excellent condition. He would name his Cadillacs and even give them their own personalities.  He would ride through the city listening to old-school music by Sly Stone, Funkadelic, James Brown, & The Temptations. Nothing but Soul, Funk, & Gospel. He was certified OG.




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