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Barack Obama Salutes Dwayne Wade Legacy

Dwayne Wayne is calling it quits. After a season-long celebration of his career, the Miami Heat legend got one last special shout out from former President Barack Obama.

“D-Wade, congratulations on a great run!” Obama exclaimed. “Now, I know what you’re going through, cause saying goodbye to a career that you love is never easy. I’ve been there. In my case though, I didn’t have a choice. My knees were shot, so I had to give up basketball forever. You on the other hand look like you’re still hoopin’ out there, so I imagine it’s a little tougher when you’ve just completed one of the greatest careers in NBA history.”

“For 16 years you’ve given us highwire dunks, big shots in big moments, more blocks than any guard in history, you were willing to sacrifice your body in the lane, and sometimes sacrifice your ego in pursuit of a title,” Obama continued. “And whenever you got knocked down you always showed us how to get back up. So you showed some Chicago spirit in you and did us proud. So, from all of us who are fans of the game, we just want to congratulate you on an extraordinary career, a career for the record books, and I hope the next phase of your life is just as fulfilling and just as spectacular as this one has been. Take care.”

Wade will play his last game with the Heat tonight in the America Airline arena.

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