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Barack Obama And Jordan Peele Warns About Fake News

Fake News is a new epidemic with the advances of technology. Fake News is changing election and creating new unrealistic basis. Now Barack Obama and Jordan Peele teamed up with a PSA on Fake News.

What a coup! Let’s listen to Obama’s wisdom.

“We’re entering an era in which our enemies can make it look like anyone is saying anything at any point at time — even if they would never say those things,” he said. “So, for instance, they could have me say things like, I don’t know, Killmonger was right! Or, Ben Carson is in the sunken place! Or, how ‘bout this: simply, President Trump is a total and complete dipsh*t.”

Hm, that doesn’t sound like Obama. It might be what he’s thinking (it’s for sure what he’s thinking), but he would never call Trump a “dipsh*t” in public. That’s because it’s not Obama — it’s a digitally manipulated Barack controlled by Peele, who warns viewers, “This is a dangerous time. Moving forward, we need to be more vigilant with what we trust from the internet… Stay woke, bitches.”

VIA: Buzzfeed

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