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‘Atlanta’ Season 3 Is Filming Is On Hold

Donald Glover’s hit show Atlanta is one surprise hits on TV. FX renewed the show for a third season, but scheduling conflicts are holding up production.

In an interview with IndieWire, “Atlanta” actress Zazie Beetz spoke about the filming cycle for the latest season and how much of it is up in the air.

“Ideally we would be shooting now; that’s not happening,” she Beetz said.

“Everybody’s schedules are sort of all over the place — they’re hoping for spring sometime, but no dates. Everybody’s busy, and Donald [Glover] had his tour in the fall, and that doesn’t lend itself to time for scriptwriting. I know that they have a couple of episodes together, but I don’t have any real information.”

Season two, titled Atlanta: Robbin’ Season, comprises 11 connected yet separate episodes that follow a theme about the various ways a person can be robbed, including time, money, dignity and sense of self.

“We just kind of realized when your back is against the wall, that’s when you really act like you,” Donald Glover told the audience during the panel. “That’s what Robbin’ Season kind of brings out in people. [The characters] decide this season who they really are at the end.”

Season three will focus on more female centric characters. “I think we have some cool ideas in season three that’ll put some more women on screen,” Atlanta writer and producer Stephen Glover.

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