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Arm Building Superset Workout

The muscle growth in your arms has slowed down, but you still want big gains? Maybe you should add superset to your workout routine. Supersets are not just way to be efficient at the gym. Supersets can also be the key to building bigger arms.

With supersets, you stay on that back to back work like Drake. You go from one set of A, one set of B, rest, repeat. You don’t get the rest break to post on IG, to take the five-minute walk to the water fountain, or time to admire your pump in the mirror.

Using supersets provides more of an aerobic/cardiovascular challenge while allowing you to build muscular endurance. You’ll be overloading similar (rather than opposing) muscle groups, which will more effectively burn out—and blow up—every portion of your biceps.

The combination of high reps, heavy weight, and supersets means you’ll be hitting your arms from all angles.


You’ll complete either three, five, or seven pullups in a minute (beginner: do three; intermediate, five; advanced, seven). Rest for the remainder of the minute. Repeat this cycle for 10 total minutes for either 30, 50, or 70 pullups in just 10 minutes. Want more of a challenge? Hold a dumbbell or medicine ball between your feet.

Do 4 rounds

1A. Seated Incline Dumbbell Curl

Sets: 4 | Reps: 15 |Rest: 0 sec.

1B. Preacher Curl

Sets: 4 | Reps: 15 | Rest: 90 sec.

2A. Biceps Curl

Sets: 4 | Reps: 15 | Rest: 0 sec.

2B. Hammer Curl

Sets: 4 | Reps: 15 | Rest: 90 sec.

3. Pullup

Sets: 10 | Reps: 30, 50, or 70

Rest: The remainder of every minute for 10 minutes.

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