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Aquaman Will Not Feature Any Other Members Of The Justice League

James Wan is set to bring Aquaman to the big screen in his first solo movie. The movie will only be focused on Aquaman’s journey and not feature any other characters from the Justice League.

The director spoke about with EW about his decision to keep the film focused on Aquaman and the people of Atlantis.

“I wanted to keep the story to the world of Aquaman and not have to worry about what other characters are doing in their films and how that would affect us,” said Wan, “I just thought the simplest way was to keep it clean—keep it simple and let it be an Aquaman story.”

Aquaman star Jason Momoa echoed similar sentiment at Comic-Con.

“I mean, that was definitely one of the amazing moments when James [Wan] told me, cause, I mean, I love Romancing the Stone-I grew up with my mother. I wasn’t watching Conan The Barbarian, I was watching Casablanca and Gone with the Wind and Rear Window and Romancing the Stone,” said Momoa, “So, I loved those movies, what I grew up with, and obviously Raiders. It’s like Star Wars, it’s just a world we haven’t seen before. And, I think the bickering between the two of them [Aquaman and Mera] and also when they slowly start to enjoy each other and fall in love, I think it’s just a timeless story that’s just fun.”

Aquaman will be in theaters December 21.

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