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Andre Iguodala: Kevin Durant Is Unstoppable

Andre Iguodala has defended some of the NBA All-Time players in his career. The best scorer he has ever seen is his own teammate Kevin Durant.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated Iggy explained that KD is the “the most talented scorer of all-time” — “hands down”.

“People don’t appreciate him enough. He’s the most talented scorer of all-time. Hands down. He’s a walking 30 points. He’ll get 30 on 12 shots. That’s very, very hard to do. Very efficient. Most guys need to feel the ball in their hands a lot to get a rhythm. He doesn’t.

“Michael Jordan and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar were the two guys with unstoppable moves. MJ had the fadeaway and Kareem had the skyhook, but KD is a 7-footer who can hit a hesi pull-up from 50 feet out. That’s his unstoppable move.”

Durant averaged 26.4 points while making 51.6 percent of his field goals last season.

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