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AMC Wants To Walking Dead Expand Universe For Another Decade

AMC has no plans to end their popular zombie franchise any time soon. Its been 9 years since the AMC adapted the Robert Kirkman comic into a ongoing franchise with the Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead. Even with ratings dropping for the show over the past 3 season, the studio plans to keep it going.

AMC Networks CEO Josh Sapanrevealed during the Goldman Sachs Communacopia Conference (via THR) that the network aims to continue The Walking Dead in some form or another for at least 10 more year

The Walking Dead is a universe…and we have a plan to manage over the next decade, plus. That plan is a careful plan to respect the world of the fans of that world,” he argued, as Sapan pointed to Fear of the Walking Dead as an extension of The Walking Dead franchise.

There is alot of soucre material the studio could pull from like the Tell Tale Games. But even still this is very ambitious statement.

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