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Adam Silver Thinks Changing The Playoffs Is Worth Investigating

The NBA playoffs have been one-sided in past four years. The Western conference has been dominating the East thanks to Golden State and there does not seem to be an end in sight.

Speculations of the NBA changing the playoff structure to the best of 16 have been floating around for years. NBA commissioner spoke with ESPN saying that change has some appeal.

“The most significant obstacle to seeding 1-through-16, as appealing as that would be to me and I think a lot of fans, would be the dramatic increase in travel that would follow,” Silver said. “In our estimate, we could be looking at roughly 40-50 percent more travel. … It doesn’t mean we can’t, but it is not something we can do quickly. It would require really a wholesale re-examination of how we do the schedule, how our television deal works. … We are going to look at it. I think it has a real appeal to ownership and I know it does to fans. It’s just not such an easy thing to do.”

If the playoffs changes were implanted last year the Finals could have been a Golden State vs Houston. Instead, the Warriors sweep the Cavs.

Let us know if you want to see some playoff changes.

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