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50 Cent On 6ix9inePlea Deal: He’s Image Was More Important Than His Music

50 Cent was once a mentor to Tekashi 6ix9ine. Even went as far as calling him his adopted son.

During a recent Q&A, 50 cent was asked what his thoughts were on the New York rapper taking a plea deal in his federal racketeering case.

“6ix9ine is not from the street,” explains 50. “I liked him, like I like¬†Soulja Boy. He was sixteen years old, he produced a record, he made the dance, got his homeboy and shot it. I want to see him have a hit, that guy that does it. I couldn’t do it at 16. I was like yo, he’s special. With 6ix9ine, his image was stronger than the music. Middle America, the people actually purchasing music, they can dye their hair blonde and dye their hair those colors. Hip-hop allows you to get close to the animals and go on a safari without being in danger,” continues Fif. “They seen him in the safari. In the middle of the whole pack.”

50 Cent comments start at the twenty-six minute mark.

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