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The 5 Best Things From The Avengers Infinity War Trailer



Marvel released the Avengers: Infinity War trailer and it’s everything fan have dreamed about. A decade of waiting for this movie it is almost here.

The trailer is action packed with Thanos, finally making his appearance and bringing chaos. The team-ups, the new costumes, the alien worlds, and Thanos in all of his glory, already sporting some Infinity Stones on the Gauntlet.

These are the best moments from the trailer.

1. Thanos

We finally get to see Thanos in action. Not just floating in a chair or smiling at the camera. Thanos decides to collect the Infinity Stones himself and get his hands dirty. “Fun isn’t something one considers when balancing the universe,” Thanos. “But this… this does put a smile on my face.”

2. The Wakanda Fight

There is a massive invasion that is happening in Wakanda. Wakanda is the most advanced country on Earth, but Thanos forces are able to invade, but not without facing off against the Hulk, Black Panther, War Machine, Black Widow, and Falcon. O yeah, Cap is back with his new Wakanda Shield.

But he is still not rocking his shield. Instead, he is going to war with some Wakanda gauntlets.

3. The Iron Spider Suit

Spider-Man his shiny new tech-suit from the end of Homecoming to swing up to the giant ring-ship above New York. Peter turned down the Stark upgrade, so it’s going to be interesting to see how he gets his hands on the suit. Since it was stored in the new Avengers HQ. But that’s beside the point. The suit looks bad ass!!!

4. Guardians Meet Thor

We don’t get to see the Guardians in action, but them meeting Odionson is amazing. After the events of Ragnarok, having Thor teaming up with Star-Lord and Rocket will be an interesting dynamic.

5. Spidey Sense

Ok. I was one of the people disappointed that we didn’t get to see Peter Parker’s spider-sense in Spider-Man: Homecoming. It is a small detail but it shows how much attention to detail Marvel has put into the film.


Lebron James’ Space Jam Sequel Officially Happening



The long-rumored Space Jam sequel finally has been greenlit.

Lebron James will star and produce the film with Black Panther director Ryan Coogler. Warner Bros has the film slated for a 2019 release.

“The Space Jam collaboration is so much more than just me and the Looney Tunes getting together and doing this movie,” says James, “It’s so much bigger. I’d just love for kids to understand how empowered they can feel and how empowered they can be if they don’t just give up on their dreams. And I think Ryan did that for a lot of people.”

No word yet on other NBA stars joining the cast.


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Michael B. Jordan Says Creed II Is About More Than Revenge



Michael B. Jordan is ready to entire the ring again in Creed II.

In the sequel, Adonis Creed will go toe to toe against the son of Ivan Drago. Jordan spoke about Victor Drago’s motivation in the film.

“Victor’s storyline is very layered,” Jordan told the Toronto Sun. “The two guys are similar in a lot of ways…Adonis feels, naturally, a certain animosity towards Viktor and Ivan, and then there are other themes in there: the maturity of growth, the importance of family, of legacy, is what makes Creed so special. It’s not just about revenge.”

When asked if he would be willing to carry on as Adonis Creed for four decades, similar to Stallone, Jordan said he’s definitely up for it.

“If I’m lucky. I want to keep making them as long as they’re good,” he said. “I always want to keep my finger on the pulse. Forty two years, I mean, who knows?”

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Captain Marvel: Watch The First Trailer



Marvel finally released trailer for Captain Marvel.

Brie Larson stars as Carol Danvers, an Air Force pilot who gains superpowers after her DNA is fused with that of an alien following an accident, in the 1990s-set Captain Marvel. It will be the first Marvel solo film to focus on a female character.

Larson spoke to EW about what attracted her to the character. “She can’t help but be herself,” Larson tells EW. “She can be aggressive, and she can have a temper, and she can be a little invasive and in your face. She’s also quick to jump to things, which makes her amazing in battle because she’s the first one out there and doesn’t always wait for orders. But the [not] waiting for orders is, to some, a character flaw.”

Captain Marvel flys into theaters March 6, 2019.

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